Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Guess Who Won?! {Plus a Stephanie Howell Scraplift}.

Guess who won all this yummy stash? {okay not scrappy stash but still good stash lol...}. It was none other than Pearl! Pearl is an experimental scrapbooker & loves to create with interesting effects, especially misting! If it wasn't for Pearl I would not have got sooooooooo excited about getting hold of a whole selection of Glimmer & Maya mists & having some spritzing fun! Congratulations girl!!

This time I used a random name generator on the internet & Pearl's name popped out of a slot machine! I tried to save the webpage for you but when I checked the link it came up blank. Please, if anyone knows how to show a page on the internet such as this, please explain it to me! I often see people showing off their desktops on their blogs & I think "how the flip did they do that?!" Simple when you know how I'm sure... someone out there must know how to do it! Please let me know if you do!

So, Pearl, please send me your postal deets so I can send you a real South African vuvuzela plus various authentic South African & FIFA World Cup goodies! Woo Hoo!!

Now, seeing as this post is really for tomorrow {Wednesday} but I am publishing it tonight {Tuesday} because I promised to do the RAK draw - I may aswell share a layout with you as I am not going to be blogging tomorrow {do all my photog stuff on Wednesdays so uploading/editing/backing up}. I loved this layout on Stephanie Howell's blog & had a few photos of Cami that I needed to scrap in PINK, with lots of pretties, so knew this would be perfect!

They are from several years ago - when I first started printing my photos myself - and they came out pink! So I decided to make a feature of it rather than reprint them!! I misted a plain sheet of cardstock, using an awesome mask I bought here some years ago, online locally, thinking it was a sheet of lace paper! Realising it was plastic I of course kept it as a stencil/mask. It sure is a beauty!!

I used some American Crafts Noteworthy/Dear Lizzy label stickers & they kept smudging! So be careful if you're gonna hand-journal on them with a felt-tip pen 'cos they don't dry quick!

In the end {after throwing 4 away...} I didn't pencil in the journaling first - just held my breath & wrote in pen first time!

I'm all outta nice alphas so I had to use white from 2 different ranges! Some {cellphone!} bling {I always buy it here cos it's cheap & available!} & a few of my treasured Jenni Bowlin bling butterflies.

Then I had fun at the bottom just adding some random flowers {Prima/Making Memories/Fiesta Felt}, feathers & glitter brads.

I loved creating this! I can feel more girly girl layouts coming on...oh dear...no wonder most of the layouts I do are for Cami's album!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to pop in on my last post & share your favourite manufacturers with me! See you Thursday for "Team up Thursday Photography Challenge"


stephanie howell said...

oh my goodness, that is so girly and SO GORGEOUS! i love your handwriting!! xoxo

Pearl said...

oooo ! what fun !!!! how lucky do I feel ! My kids are sooo gonna be loving that RAK too ! lol !

Thank you sooo much !!! & thanks for the misting mention ! lol love the background that you created here with the Maya Sheer & mist !

off to send you an email now ! woot !

Stefanie said...

Wow, Stephanie came and left a comment.
I love her style and hand written journaling. She created a challenge for the jj blog last year.
Congrats Pearl, enjoy your goodies.
Love that mask, simply stunning!

Shayne said...

Gorgeous Helen - you sure are becoming an ace at using Glimmer Mist - somthing i'm yet to do.

I think it is Print Screen and then save as (to do the screen thing). Not sure, will check and then confirm.

CathQuillScrap said...

Helen, Shayne is right... to capture the screen you hit the "print screen" button which will copy it to your clipboard. Then you can paste it into a graphics package or word... crop it to how you want and save it as a jpeg to upload. Hope this all helps you for future.

Aubree said...

What a wonderful take on Stephanie's layout! I love the misted background!! How did you manage not to get any splatters?? Fabulous work!

tania said...

Stunning layout! love it!
Congrats to pearl!!

Ella Swan said...

Thank you! Well done Pearl - just have to custom-make a box for you to fit the vuvuzela so give me a few days to work on that lol...will e mail you when it is on it's way! Thanks for the screen grabbing, thanks for all your advice. Unfortunately none of it worked! I have just spent two hours in Google {thanks Pearl!} dunno why I always get to that LAST instead of first! and tried everything but NOTHING WILL WORK! Probably 'cos I have a mac keyboard with a pc & NO PRINT SCREEN BUTTON but there are meant to be other ways of doing it with mac & I have tried syncing them but no success...very frustrating...downloaded 5 free software programs & none of them work either! Dread to think how much bandwidth I've used...just got a 30 day trial on a paid one called Handy Snap - working like a dream but DH is loathe to shell out money for it lol! Yes Stef I remember the beautiful layout Stephanie did for JJ - her work is straight from her beautiful heart - Aubree/Shayne the glimmermist thing just takes a bit of practice! You don't see what ends up in the bin heehee ;-D

Marianne said...

I LOVE this layout - all the flowers and the small details... And it looks awesome with the misted flowers on the cardstock :o)

Cindy Lee said...

Great misting! I love it! I'm gonna try it on my card :) And your handwriting is fabulous!

Jessy Christopher said...

Awesome misting! I love the outcome & how u kept the layout simple. Loving all the details & the clustering at the bottom is pretty!!