Thursday, 25 February 2010

Let me point you in the right direction {Blog Links}

This week has been absolutely hectic! I haven't touched sides & today is Reilly's birthday! I do have a few photos but we do the unwrapping gifts thing first thing in the morning so they are never very flattering...So instead I give you a recently made collage of Cami & Reilly enjoying our mid 30 degree temperatures! Just wish I could spend every spare minute in the pool too!

Now as for "pointing you in the right direction" this is where you need to go. Head on over & visit my bloggy friend Heidi's blog for some literary inspiration & food for thought. This girl is a genius writer & somehow always manages to channel what so many of us scrappers think, into words! Amazing. If you peek at the comments you'll see that she, me & you, well we aren't the only ones that make a hobby out of stash shopping & hate feeling misunderstood re our craft. Heidi, don't be mad I didn't ask your permission...just think of all the blog traffic I'll be sending your way! {what with my millions of blog readers lol...}

Popping into Blogsville is such a joy to me when I am running around chasing my tail. I want to thank all my blog friends for adding daily joy to my life. Need card inspiration? Don't like the thought of even starting? This is sure to change your about awesome first attempt! And you can be sure that, come Hell or high water, Lynette will faithfully visit you back at her first available opportunity. Gotta love blog buddies like that!

And just in case you missed this link, you certainly want to bookmark it/add to your reader. There is a totally cool RAK up for grabs but don't just visit for that! Have a scroll & drooooooooooooool...Jessy scrapbooks in her sleep, I'm sure of it, 'cos this girl just keeps pumping out one gorgeous creation after another 24/7! Another great girl resides here & is always pushing the envelope every which way! Then there's Diana, who is always earnestly scrapping away despite newborn twins - what resolution!

Lastly, Lynette, this one is for you - pure unadulterated beauty. Just take a look at all that yumminess! So - sorry friends that I don't have time to show off my latest creations (yup I do have a few actually - just need to photograph them!) but hopefully you've enjoyed a glimpse into my blog-hopping world. If you need inspiration, lack mojo, or just like looking at pretty things over a cup of coffee when you need a break pop in & visit one of my friends. Leave them a comment, let them know you're there & that you benefitted from all their hard work. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.


Lynette Jacobs said...

Thank you for that link...just the style I love:)

Shayne said...

So many linkes - thank you.

Lynette's cards are something else, aren't they?

Happy Birthday to Reilly.

ANd good luck with the packing and moving.

tania said...

happy birthday to your boy:)
thanks for all the shares.
will let you know tomorrow on the issue;)

Jessy Christopher said...

Happy birthday to Reilly!! Oh thanks so much for doing the shout out Helen!! Practically I do eat, sleep & dream scrapbook 24/7. Lol!! You are great urself too :) I love the other links too.

Diana said...

You're too sweet! You bring blog love to my life too, so thanks to you too.

Diana said...

I just saw your JJ page. Love it! The photos and the journaling. No wonder we get along so well! I am also an organization fiend, but I think you are more so than me.

Michelle Ramsay said...

Thanks for the links - will certainly pop in a bit later. Hope Reilly had a really happy day.

somebody who needs to love herself said...

I always look forward to your links :) love them all.

thank you for bringing joy in my life. you are a dear and such a blessing.

hugs!!! muaaaaah

topkatnz said...

No problems Helen - glad you enjoyed the post.