Sunday, 3 January 2010

Christmas Times {Still Editing...}

I am still spending every spare minute editing my December/Christmas photos. We had 2 local mini-breaks too, where I took plenty more photos aswell. Once I've posted the last of my Christmas collages I'll show you guys the layouts I did when we were away in the Drakensberg before Christmas, aswell as the cards I did there. I also have a number of layouts I did last year that I never got a chance to post, plus the double-pagers I did for the local scrapstore, so there is plenty in the works for January. I also want to post my favourite 10 from 2009 once I've got through all that!

Above is an "action" collage of the kids integrating with one another on Christmas day. I've been trying lately to take more shots with more than one person in the frame. So often in the past I've taken only portrait-type shots but it's only just occured to me {last year} that I need to try to capture relationships in my photographs aswell - which more often than not requires "impromptu" shots rather than the traditional posed ones.

I hate posting photos of myself online {I'm the opposite of vain...} but I love seeing everyone else's photos of themselves {so I'm not saying that you're vain-more that I have a problem}so there you go-that's me! 5kg's lighter {been dieting for the last 3 weeks - now that I have been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance & am taking pills to correct it I'm finally able to lose weight} so feeling alot better about being photographed. Love this collage!

Above is the man opening up his Christmas pressies...he also has a stocking but I tell the kids that I fill that one, not Santa, because Santa only brings presents for the kids {as often they're with me when I find his goodies as I usually collect them throughout the year whenever I come across something appropriate}. He doesn't like the camera so I was pretty chuffed to get so many photos I was able to use.

My collage above {more photos of me...uuugh...} DH went to Zimbabwe recently & managed to get me all 3 of my favourite fragrances at the Duty Free there dirt cheap {old stock} so it was a bumper Christmas with Cinnabar, Beautiful {both Estee Lauder} & Calvin Klein's Obsession too...The long parcel is my new tripod {never owned one before...} & the big one on the bottom left is the most awesome HUGE clock Camryn & Reilly found for me at Home,etc...will post a pic of that one soon {will have locals rushing to pick one up for themselves I'm sure}.

We all forgot about the Crackers this year {yes, really...} & only remembered them on Christmas night {we normally have them with our Christmas Eve Dinner} . I decided to buy decent crackers for a change this year - so the kids could actually keep the things that were in them this time!

Our new neighbours gave us a bottle of Sparkling Peach Champagne that tasted truly awful {nice gesture that it was...} & my 2 teenagers were adamant they were going to drink it {because I wanted to throw it away after tasting it} so I told them they could have some if they had the half-glass I poured them each in one sip - "down, down" style...the idea was to make them feel ill enough to put them off wanting to drink alcohol for another few years but it had no effect on them!That bottom right photo is Jack's "rarely caught on camera" naughty face ;-D

The above collage is of the kids playing on the Wii...that's all that's been happening around here since the 25th & I'm getting really tired of the sound of it to be honest. They're all crazy about it & it's got them off their butts & onto their feet so surely that has to be a good thing?! Chelsea's best friend from Zimbabwe arrived for 10 days today so I will be the official taxi-driver this week as DH is back at work from tomorrow. Bought a new scrap mag today so dying to get back to my desk this week...


Vicki said...

LOL over the champagne and also forgetting the crackers. I forgot to get out the "Xmas" plates this year so they never got used. LOL. Love seeing the photos of you - I think we all need to do that more often.

Mia Castrillo said...

I love how you put your pictures in collages! I like scrapping multi photos. :D Hope I can be more successful with Project 365 this year. So far so good! Although it's only the 4th day! LOL!

Lynette said...

Lovely photographs.

Well done on the weight loss, that is amazing.

Shayne said...

I so admire your tenacity at taking so many pics! The layouts are really great and well done on the weight loss!

I so need to get back into the scrapping room, but still have so much else to do before i can really settle and relax and scrap again.

Andrea said...

Lovely collages - really gives such a feel for the fun in your house over this time...well done on taking so many pics.
P.S Enjoy the tripod

teacher jessy said...

You have beautiful children and I love the fact that you are capturing those moments and make them into layouts!! Can't wait to see more of your layouts! Hugs