Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Journaling Junkie Layout, a weird creation & the first "real" Summer day!

Here is my latest offering over at Journaling Junkie this month.

Challenge 68.The challenge: use loads of words (adjectives) to describe character traits – the bulk of the journaling must consist of adjectives …

This challenge closes on the 14th of November midnight GMT- Please leave a comment with the link to your URL or email me eyeore at telkomsa dot net
See you still have a few days to get your layouts in & this one is easy guys! There is usually a RAK if 5 or more people play along & it's worthwhile so c'mon!!! I love being on this design team...the pages I end up with are some of the most meaningful in my albums & journaling just comes easier & easier the more you do it, really!

This layout gave me an opportunity to have a play in Wordle. If you haven't discovered this scrapper's internet tool go there now! You will have a blast - just type in the bunch of words you want to use on your layout then play about testing out which orientation looks will get the hang of it really quickly I promise ;-D I typed in a bunch of adjectives, {you get to choose a limited selection of fonts & colours too BTW}, played about 'til I was happy with the "look" then printed my "Wordle" out onto a transparency.

Unfortunately I didn't realise that transparency would photograph so badly ;-( In real life it is easy to see the paler pink words & the transparency is as flat as a pancake & not dented like it looks here. I soooooooooooooo want a 12inch printer but here they aren't readily available & will most likely have to be imported by the manufacturer at vast expense to my DH so the chances of me acquiring one are so slim that I try not to dwell on the thought...If I "wordle" on a layout in future I will print it out onto a piece of A4 cardstock instead & adjust my layout design to accomodate that.

I journaled directly onto the photograph with my white milky pen. Again, it is clear as day in real life whereas in the photographs here the first line is not so clear...should have stuck to writing on the dark coloured tree section only! Okay, so ironically this layout entitled PERFECT is far from perfect scrappywise but moving on...I used a large (5 x 7") print, which I know is not "de riguer" in scrapbooking these days but IRL certain special photos need to be enlarged & this was one of them. Supplies:- Bazzill white. October Afternoon - Cherry Hill - Recipe Box. American Crafts - Blue Skies - Oh Happy Day! DCWV "Love" adhesive ribbon. White die-cut paper - courtesy of Cocoa Daisy. Tiny Alphas - Making Memories.

This one was quick & easy & I like it!

Okay, now, here is a collage I created of Jack's "Egyptian Dog god" mask I helped him make out of papier mache this weekend. Pretty ridiculous huh?!?

Jack loved playing the fool for the camera as you can see...{note the "telephone" pose on the top left LOL!} See the hibiscus flowers in bloom on that shrub behind him? That means Summer! Here I say that with great trepidation as Summer is not an enjoyable season in a humid, tropical climate. That said, I am learning to tolerate it, even attempting to embrace it, and DO love certain things about it, such as getting to wear slops {my favourite footwear...and not sloppy/slobby ones...I have beautiful blingy ones too!} & sarongs {they've got that "one size fits all thing going on" ;-D} How do I know that Summer is well & truly here on this the 11th day of November 2009? Well, because tonight was the first night the kids dived into the pool after dinner! Night swims are one of their summer treats {read necessities...} then they dive into bed fresh & sweat-free. Yes, it really is THAT hot that the sweat pours off you...sticky stuff...

'Scuze the rubbish photo above but I didn't use the flash or edit it because I want to remember that it was night!

Here with the flash they look cuter...and {below} Jack was on such good form after we completed his mask & photo-shoot that he insisted on a "torso of the week" shot for you all {precocious 14 year old that he is ;-D}


tania said...

LOL!! you must let us know what marks you scored on this one helen, well done!! hmm, i like that challenge thingie, maybe i should give it a whirl;) thanx again for yet another link:)

topkatnz said...

Haha isn't Wordle a fun site to play on! Great LO for cute wee Cami! I wish summer would hurry up and get here!

Michelle Ramsay said...

Stunning layout and lovely picture of Cami. She really is a cutie. Yes, summer is certainly making an appearance and great that the kids can make use of the pool. We also do that - so nice and refreshing although I will wait until it is a bit warmer!!

Michelle Ramsay said...

Sorry I meant to post that I love the Egyptian dog mask. Very real - you guys are very good!!!

Lynette said...

Beautiful child and beautiful layout Helen. You always get it just right:)

Don't like masks, but you did it very well.

Desire Fourie said...

Love the layout and thanks again for the handy link. You are an endless source of very useful info. Now that papier mache Egyptian Mask really turned out like the real thing ... love the modelling thereof.

Helen Tilbury said...

Heehee...thanks for the compliments on the mask! Lynette I can't bear masks either, which is why I am happy it's gone back to school, I never want to see the thing again - creepy! Jack was assigned the making of it for a school project so we had to do it - waste of time really but his was quite impressive compared to the others apparently - & it cost us next to nothing as it's just newspaper, cheap glue & some offcut "box" cardboard & paint. I just feel sorry for the kids whose mothers don't keep these things lying around, as glue & paint is readily available in this house LOL!

Shayne said...

Good mask Helen, well done.

I take my hat off to you for living in Durbs and dealing with the humidity and heat. It's awful.

Love the swimming pics - those kidlets of yours are so cute.

Sandra said...

The mask turned out amazing! Very authentic looking.