Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Granny's Events Calendar - February 2010 Photos

I'm back with photos for February (see previous post for photo's for January).

I chose the person who's birthday featured that month (where possible) as the feature photo for the month - in this case Reilly.

Same idea on all the pages - large photo, quote "strip" {inked} ribbon/die-cut strip & embellishments. No need to go overboard with the embellies but think about the placement. 3 point triangle never fails to please...

Some rather fuzzy {sorry!} close-ups of the accents - Urban Lily circular accent above {used a different one per page}.

A nice padded satin flower {above} that I picked up in a haberdashery store {if you don't yet scour habby shops you need to start...}

I went a bit intentionally overboard on my inking {above} - I do this often & 3 colours works best - one similar, one darker & one contrast.

And here we have an overall view of the date page {above} - complete with hand-written numbers, Thickers number stickers, Sasafrass Lass funky chipboard numerals, Adornit mini-alphas, Fiesta felt flowers & coloured rub-ons by Dream Street. Mix it up if you want to achieve an artsy, eclectic look.

I bought the above "vine" at a local store but sadly they are all sold-out now. They are embroidered & designed for ironing onto garments but I reckon they make a pretty good Prima substitute!

Above is a close-up shot of the glorious Dream Street rub-ons {I ended up using the whole sheet but they really were beautiful & applied themselves so easily & perfectly...}

I had fun doodle-writing the "special event" dates & using appropriate accents for them {ie:- hearts for Valentine's Day}.

As for what I am up to currently - this term is a busy one in the afternoons & evenings, now that Jack's hand is out of plaster {he broke it last term & had 6 weeks off sport as a result} so now that it is healed it is go, go, go & I am spending a couple of hours an afternoon in the car ferrying him back & forth to private cricket coaching & trawling after him in the car while he jogs a 5km route {not safe here to leave him to jog alone}.

I am busy working with Farai {Mercy's daughter} every day & using up all my off-cuts & older papers covering all the recycled cardboard we are making the mini-albums out of, aswell as making tissue paper flowers {she is cutting countless circles!} so will be showcasing them soon.

I am also busy finishing off the Botswana photo editing {aiming to print my photos next week} & busy filling up DVDs & deleting off my hard-drive now that all my photos are backed up to my external one. Haven't had the space to load Photoshop & have also just bought another Desktop Publishing package called "Printshop Zoom" with hundreds of fonts, etc, that also needs to be loaded. It is on special at the moment for only R50 {about USD$7} at Incredible Connection. The fonts don't look awesome but there are over 400 on there so I figure there's bound to be something I can use! For locals, why not pop down to your local branch & take a look. It has over 41, 000 templates, images & embellishments, bound to come in handy for kid's school projects too - & save on surfing "Google Images" & using up your bandwidth!


topkatnz said...

Well you do sound like you are having a busy time ATM. Sure looks like you have puts lots of effort into that calendar - here's hoping it is well appreciated.

bee said...

loving the "vine" its too cute!

Shayne said...

Lovely calender Helen. very impressed with your hard work.

Yuck to the ferrying of kids!

And btw - it's not the time i spend ferrying - it's the distance and the bad condition of our roads and the upkeep of my truck that is the real consideration. In CT i travelled the same amount (if not longer) daily, yet the distance was about a quarter!

Michelle Ramsay said...

Stunning calendar. I love your handwriting!!! Glad I am done with ferrying school children around - don't envy you at all.

Lynette said...

Yup so with Michelle regarding not having to ferry children around anymore...so glad those days are over.

Love the calendar Helen...I would not have even thought to embellish the date side as well. It is gorgeous.

Desire Fourie said...

Gorgeous month of February. Love your doodling. Just love what you are doing with this special calendar. Thanks for the tip on Printshop.

Helen Tilbury said...

Yes it sure is a busy time at the moment! It is great having Farai to help me but I can't doddle along at my own pace now as I have to keep her busy & she is always whipping through the work & asking me what is next. She has 4 outstanding exams to do & can't afford the fee required to write them so I am trying to help Mercy out by giving Farai the opportunity to earn a bit of her own money, but it is heavy going on me! As it is the last quarter of the year I feel I should get all these loose ends wound up now & keep going...As far as the kids go - I have just come to accept that that is part of my job & set aside that time for it & enjoy the one on one time I get with each of them when we are alone in the car. With Chelsea going into Matric next year it makes me see that it does eventually end!