Tuesday, 16 June 2009

What Helen wants...

This is a bit of fun that is going on around Blogland at the moment. I got the idea from Heidi & pinched it! All you need to do is type What (insert your name) wants into Google & you will then be thoroughly amused for the next half hour with a list of (very) random responses. Give it a go...it's certainly not something I have EVER thought of doing!!! Copy down the results then put your comments in brackets next to them for a bit of a laugh;-D
1) Helen needs your immediate attention. (Isn’t that always the case?!?

2) Helen needs to write more. (Please no...)

3) Helen needs to change her life and quickly. (oh puleeeeeeeeze – where dya think I’ll get the energy to do that, huh?!)

4) Helen needs to find some soldiers that were in the 4th Infantry Division, 1/11 C Company, at Fort Carson, CO from 1979-1980. (Well, that would be because....??????)

5) Helen needs your money. (E mail me for my bank account details, thanks)

6) Helen needs to reverse back into a parking space so the motor has to rotate in the opposite direction. (I’m too cold & too tired to work THAT one out, lol!)

7) Helen needs a mojito! (I’ve never had one but who am I to refuse???)

8) Helen needs to make sure none of her beloved penguins are gay. (okay, onto the next one...)

9) Helen needs a cat free environment. (are you on drugs Mr Google???!!!)

10) Helen needs the new owner at 325 Crestwood Terrace to shut up a minute. (I could quite easily insert a few other appropriate addresses)

11) Helen needs to learn to let go and delegate. (Are you crazy? Never in a million years...)

12) Helen wants to ban this. (Liar!)

13) Helen wants to go on a cruise with nice people. (well who wouldn’t?)

14) Helen wants to know what he's got in mind..(mmm, onto the next one, we’ll discuss that later...)

15) Helen Wants to Hear From You (don’t I always???!!!)

16) Helen wants to cook a potato for lunch. (Really???)

17) Helen wants to expose everything. (Perhaps after a serious quantity of mojitos...)

18) Helen wants to share her storytelling ability in such a way that it brings to life the stories for the listener and touches their hearts. (Aaaw, ‘tis true!)

19) Helen wants him to ditch the remote. (Hey, NOW we’re talkin’)

20) Helen wants to know how she’s going to die. (No she does not...)

21) Helen wants to get her own way. (what other way IS there??)

22) Helen wants some time alone. (not tooooooo much mind, just on the weekends, K?)

I am busy scrapbooking & have been for the last 3 days solid. I have added 12 layouts to my albums & am now drowning in the Making Memories Just Chilling line, designing a couple of double layouts to be taught at Reminisce in August. So this provided some light relief.
If you are going to take part please leave me a comment so that I can keep checking your blog for your results!
To all SA bloggers - enjoy the public holiday!


Lynette said...

Now that was good for a laugh...maybe I will try...I don't even know what I want...do you think Mr Google does?

Mickey said...

Funny! Well, I found you on Facebook, hope we can chat sometime.

Stefanie said...

I love number 18 the best!
Will see what what Stefanie wants.

Michelle Ramsay said...

Ha ha that was really funny!!!

topkatnz said...

Hahahaha ... now I wouldn't want gay penguins either!!

Shayne said...

Have a Mojito - they're DELISH!

This was fun - may just use it when blogger's block steps in.

Helen Tilbury said...

Yes that was good for a laugh wasn't it?! Need to remember to order a mojito when I'm next out at a cocktail bar (which is, like, never!!!)...will accept your FB request asap Mieke, just stuck at my scrap desk for the next few days getting my stuff for the LSS finished ;-D

jax said...

Now that was different! I've been out of touch for so long - sorry - just starting to pick up where I left off on your blog.