Thursday, 26 March 2009


Today is a beautiful Durban day - 27 degrees & sunny - the humidity is lifting - YAY!

Today I have been flat-out busy!

Today I dropped 3 out of 4 babies at school (Shane does no. 4).

Today I filled up my Chrysler beauty with loadsa lovely unleaded fuel!

Today I am excited to get my cardstock into my new paper-rack (bought yesterday).

Today I have learnt more about my computer & managed to clear 8 gigs worth of space ;-)

Today I have popped into my favourite blogs (but not had time to comment on all) ;-(

Today I have spoken to one of my favourite people (Jacqui).

Today I have ordered some awesome paperpacks & cardstock online.

Today I have done all my receipt filing & updated my expense register for March.

Today I have read through mountains of school literature & pinned circulars up on the boards.

Today I have planned a delicious chicken dinner & prepared it for cooking later.

Today I have tidied my scrapdesk (just a tad...)

Today I have found the Panasonic agent here & booked my digital camera in for repair (it arrived from Hong Kong with the flash!)

Today I have finally booked my "Learn all about your SLR Camera" course-starting April.

Today I have argued telephonically with a shop that charged me 60% more on an identical item than it's other branch (daily practice for me here,lol!)

Today I am running late to fetch my babies back again so gotta go!!!


Desire Fourie said...

What a busy day and its not even over yet ... way to go ... business keeps away from mischief! Hugs from Desire

Andrea said...

Sounds like a good day.....achieved lots and lots!


topkatnz said...

you big copy-cat you!!heehee ... good quick way to post huh?

Jessica said...

busy day!

Sandra said...

Hi Helen

Sandra here from the forum (and a friend of Heidi's). LOL, thought I recognised this list.

Your family photos in the above post are beautiful!

jax said...

So glad we are one of each other's favourite people!