Saturday, 28 March 2009

Photos at Last.!

Here are the wedding flash was broken (still is...) so I had to lighten them up a lot during editing. The quality may not be the best but they are still a lovely family memory. I'm sure you can tell that the older man is Shane's dad. Aren't they just 2 peas in a pod?! As it was a night wedding it was very Baroque/Gothic, with blood-red roses everywhere & lots of candlebra.

Here we see my cousin Shelley as the bride, with her gorgeous sister Leanne (so photogenic!) & my sister-in-law Jody, from Pensylvannia, now living in the Zambian bush & about to give birth for the first time! She is on her way to Johannesburg (Gauteng) this week to stay with my aunt until the birth so she can have the baby in a private clinic, for safety reasons, as this is a miracle baby & has been hard-won over many years. Bottom left is my mum-in-law & step dad-in-law & bottom right Shane's Uncle & Aunt.

Here is my little supermodel, Camryn. I "soft-focused" the pics, (in case, you, like Reilly, thought they were blurry!!!) It may look like she is in the Grand Canyon but the background it actually a fibreglass rockery around Shane's aunt's swimming girl's messy hair is fast becoming her signature style...move over Kate Moss.

My little lovely...Reilly...he was in his element as there were animals everywhere - chickens, sheep, dogs. He loves getting back to nature & the opportunities for that where we live are all too rare. Durban has a serious grass shortage unless you are prepared to spend every weekend away, so Reilly loved visiting this little small holding just outside Joburg. I recently gave him a "tennis ball" hair cut with my Wahl clippers & he is loving it - helps him in our summer heat. Winter you will see him looking all rock-star again with a much longer look.

These 2 pics are very different to me. The one shows his relaxed look & the other his sense of fun - a wider smile & hence eyes more closed - just about to break out into his trademark giggle.

These photos were taken by Chelsea at Montecasino when the girls ran off, bored by our adult conversation, they have that young, funky touch...I give my kids a lot of practice on my camera as I want them to get a feel for photography at a young age...even Cami is at it...see below...


Again, these photos are slightly different...follow the ball...I increased the saturation for a colour-injection. Nice & crisp.

My girl looking gorgeous...I swear I didn't look this good at her age. Hair-straighteners go a long way to enhance her look but the fact that she is an Amazonian (5 foot 9 inches) size 8 helps...The "other half" of her family (Shane's side) is full of gorgeous girls, tall & skinny, so lucky for my girls it is in their genes...only definitely not from me!

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jax said...

These wedding pics are lovely, I don't know what you've been moaning about - you look radiant! The children really look beautiul too. Where was Chel in those pics with the lights behind her? Looks so cool!