Monday, 30 March 2009

Isn't it wonderful?

That Jo doesn't get poetry & maths & I love them both, yet I'm sure she "gets" a lot of what I don't "get"... Stefanie loves orange-flavoured tea & Blue Point Siamese whilst I am happy with Earl Grey & my moggies? It's a great, big, wonderful world out there & I love being a part of it's diversity. We are all different & that's what makes us special. Which brings me to a treasured book I have kept since Chelsea was given it by my neice, Mandy, 13 years ago. It's called "Jinzi & Minzi are friends".

Jinzi & Minzi are friends.
Jinzi likes dolls,
Minzi likes panda bears.
Jinzi likes dancing,
Minzi likes singing.
Jinzi likes cars,
Minzi likes zebras.
Jinzi likes strawberries,
Minzi likes blackberries.
Jinzi & Minzi both like hats.
But Jinzi likes spotty ones & Minzi likes stripey ones!

And here we are! The ultimate Jinzi & Minzi...2 people seemingly somewhat incompatible yet we bring out the best in each other. His strengths are my weaknesses & visa versa. Gotta love it...


Sophia said...

Told you I liked this photo...

jax said...

Hope Jinzi & Minzi had a superb time at movies last night. Trust that your Birthday was super - you got a seriously nice pressie!

Andrea said...

love that post....they say opposites attract and I think it is definitely true.

Joanne said...

OMG you and I couldnt be more different? Your dont get it list is full of stuff that I do (get) crazy heh? Happy Birthday.xxxx

Anonymous said...

hi mum here 2 tell u 2 blogger off