Sunday, 29 March 2009

I don't get it...

(Pinched off Jo's blog!) Thanks for the great idea.

1. Flavoured teas.
2. Pedigree cats.
3. Opera.
4. Reality TV.
5. Holidaying in a glorified tent (read "game reserve" where you're lucky to spot a thing).
6. Cricket.
7. Suits for women.
8. Jazz.
9. Novels (my life is exciting enough thanks!)
10. Violent movies.
11. Why no-one in the world intervenes in the Zimbabwe situation (the 4th Reich...)
12. Why documentaries always feature a droney, monotonous male voice...
13. Waking up at sparrows.
14. Woolworths clothing for women (B.O.R.I.N.G).
15. Realistic art when we have cameras!

This could possibly be the most revealing quizzie thing out there...Now I'm not going to bore you all by tagging you if you're not up for it, but anyone who does play along PLEASE let me know your intentions here (in my comment section) so I can read your take on this...15 things you just DON'T get...Anyone agree with me or do you all LIKE waking up at sparrows, to drink your flavoured tea???!!!


Jenny said...

Lol Helen! I like Opera and Novels but must agree with you on the Zim situation

Vicki said...

I agree with you on flavoured tea and cricket (like watching paint dry) but love reality TV. LOL

Stefanie said...

I gotta disagree with you, I love orange flavoured tea (5 roses not rooibos!),I love novels - want to escape my reality tv life to a happy place - escape-ism at it's best, and I love my pedigreed blue point siamese.
Hope you have an awesome birthday though, blessings

jax said...

I agree on everything but must say that when I hav the time (on beach holidays) I love reading fun novels. Just bought a pair of skinny jeans @ woolies but don't make a habit of buying clothing there.

topkatnz said...

awhhhhh Helen, my heart is broken, I just loooove Jazz!!LOL

Simply-Mel said...

I am enjoying these lists too. Very revealing as you say... WW clothes suck huge unless you are betw the age of 0 and 9! Loathe flavoured tea. Can enjoy a novel and love reality tv.

Sorry I been quiet; just catching up as I have no ADSL at home so I have to steal time on other peoples lines when I am visiting them. LOL

I loved your Today post - very fun. YOur layouts great too - are you playing with your CD kit? Would love to see some of your stuff in the gallery.